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Multimedia Designer Eric R. Reid, Jr.

I have been in the Multimedia Design field for over 12 years and what was once a hobby has become a labor of passion. It has given me the arena to explore and to release my creativity. It has been a wild ride and I can only power forward, absorbing everything I need to keep the journey interesting.

I have been privileged to work on some very exciting projects. Some of which require the complexity of detailed design down to the simplicity of clean and user friendly interfaces. The web is an organic landscape which is continually changing and expanding in every direction. I approach each project differently and I dedicate all my focus and pride to achieve the ultimate results while finding the the right solutions for each particular challenge.

The scope of my work encompasses a wide majority of the Digital Design landscape.

Design Consulting
Web Design & Implementation
Conceptual Design & Branding
Digital Manipulation
Display Advertising
Flash Animation
Art Direction

Music has also found its way into my normal grind since I started pushing my first pixel. It was only inevitable and a natural complement to my scope of work which involves a couple areas in the Sound Production landscape.

Custom Music Production
Sound Design

In my spare time, if I’m not churning out a new concept, I am usually in the studio mixing tracks and experimenting with sounds.